Saturday, November 30, 2019

Busy week. News from Haiti

Saturday Fritz spent the day with Eli and Grandpa while Cory and I drove down to northern Indiana  with my Mom to pick up my Dad's early Christmas gift, a new puppy. Buck is bringing smiles to all.

Sunday we enjoyed Kentwood Community Church Wyoming campus at their missions fair. [picture from the week before]

Monday Fritzlin and I did some volunteer work with my folks and then some holiday shopping.
Tuesday was school and then Cory and I went and picked up Anna.

Wednesday was cooking day! Fritz made his first corn casserole. 

Thursday we watched some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade before heading to share lunch with Cory's mom's relatives and then back to Allegan for my family's celebration.

Friday we enjoyed helping Mom put up the Christmas decorations, helped Anna with a paper and had more family time.

Today we prepared for tomorrow's sharing; enjoyed more family time, put up a small 'real tree' that Cory trimmed from the top of one of my folk's blue spruce with a triple trunk.

Fritz decorated while we returned Anna to college for her last couple weeks before finals. 

News from Haiti shows the government making progress against crime and corruption. Traffic continues to increase, at least in Port au Prince, as blocked streets are cleared.

The City Soley gang leader and 3 of his bodyguards were shot by one of their own "soldiers" but the shooter will probably be the new leader.

Friday the police arrested the "leader of the gang leaders" along with 7 of his people and a video showed a long table covered with confiscated assault rifles, guns, ammo and money.

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