Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wires-fence and electrical.

Main focus this week has been working on getting the fence up and electrical wiring in the house.

Cory's guys don't work for us on Mondays, so he worked on the house wiring. After the first day we had a light working between the living room and dinning/kitching area.

Tuesday the guys started to put up the seven rolls of fence. This is very important now that the corn harvest is in and all the livestock have been let loose to forage.
Guy's lunch area. 

I'm looking forward to having less animals around the house as well.

Fritzlin and I had a good week of school, now using a few more books that came up in the dump truck with the fencing.

Another day Cory worked again on the house electricity, we now have most of the outlets working as well as light in our bedrooms and one bathroom!

Thursday was a Haitian holiday so the guys did not work on the fence but they are working today.

Lots of challenging places with the rocks and steep terrain.

Next week we hope to host a friend for lunch, she's a wonderful missionary veterinarian who will come up to spay our dog, vaccinate and worm local livestock, and see the area.

The college students remain busy with classes, as we count down the days to their visit!

Cows checking out the new fence

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