Sunday, October 28, 2018


Running water!

Nice to wash dishes without using a cup to scoop water.

Have hot and cold water in the shower. Need a hose for the toilet.

Cory had to set up the water pump after draining enough water out of the cistern so he could have his head above water to set up the pump and PVC pipes.

It was cold enough he had to come out and warm up a few times between parts of the job.

Friday night we had a steady light rain that replenished about half of the water we drained out.

Celebrated Fritzlin's birthday with video chat with Eli and Anna; presents; pizza and oatmeal cake.

Cory went down the mountain on Friday morning. He returned in the afternoon ahead of the dump truck. 

So Cory's fence is up the mountain along with a big load of our household stuff.

Thankful to get everything up the mountain. The driver drove farther than he was told to and got stuck on the narrow driveway near the fort, almost sliding off and would have rolled down the steep hill into a pit.

 We are very thankful for our prayer team and that a work group was able to widen the road enough with a rock foundation for the truck to continue to a place it could turn around, unload, and get back to the road.

Cory will start working with a few guys next week to put up the 2,300 feet of fence. Most folks finished harvesting their corn last week so lots of roaming horses, cows, and pigs.

Once the fence is up, Cory can seriously start looking at places to plant trees.

The last time we moved was before we started using literacy based school curriculum. We now have K-12 school books plus 3 levels of advanced science, advanced math, and other classes.

Add medical books, plant books, leadership and ministry books and just for fun books and you have a lot of boxes of books!!  I think of it as helping get those college scholerships.

One book I was missing was Fritz's history. I thought it may have been in the 3rd grade books but we'd lent those out.
Cory got those books back in May but I couldn't find them in the house.

Today when a bag of books came in [their box got distroyed during the move] the book cover I could read through the bag was the one we needed!

Still with a few things to come up and some remain in the north..but mostly moved.

Eli and Anna's final's scheduals allow for some classes to take tests early....finishing on Friday rather than the following Tuesday. So we're excited to book tickets for them to come home for Christmas break!

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