Monday, October 15, 2018

Projects and meetings.

Oct. 16 2017
No big news...we have the floor sealed except the storage room and the small guest bathroom which is currently also storage.

Cory recently looked at pictures from one year ago.

The 1st story rock walls were up.

In many ways it has been a long year but in others short with much accomplished.

We will continue with smaller projects this week including school and getting caught up on correspondence in preparation to head down the mountain early Friday morning.

Smaller projects include: working on our bathroom floor and the shower; plumbing; planting; electrical wiring; and the floor of the storage room.

Friday and Saturday we will be participating in meetings with the other team leaders, national church leaders, and other missionaries.

Then we will head back up the mountain on Saturday with another load of our furniture and boxes from Fauche.

Oct. 20 '17. Before the floor was poured. 

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