Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mid-week update.

Don’t exactly remember when I blogged last…with cloudy and rainy days the batteries at the neighbor’s have been having trouble keeping up with power usage so our internet use has been limited by the lack of electricity.

This morning is sunny, so we hope to get this out. I write the blog while at our house so it is ready to go.
[Sun is out and have power, internet on….house is locked but thankfully we can connect to the internet from the front porch.]

The end of last week we started working on the bathroom floor and finishing resurfacing the rest of the house. This project will continue for a few more days. The process goes like this: sweep; paint sealer on the floor which makes it the reddish color; Cory then spreads a thin coat of cement. 

To allow us to still get into rooms we’re doing the floor in strips, allowing parts to dry before being walked on.

Couch cleaning has continued-removing lots of mold and red dirt. Once clean, tape covers the torn spots. We are very thankful for this couch that is SO much more comfortable than the set we had in Fauche. 

I also washed the windows this week. With the sealing of the floor the dust in the house will drop dramatically. Interesting…in Fritzlin’s room the dirt on the windows had some type of chemical reaction and etched and pitted the glass. 

Fritz's is the only room to have this..unless Anna’s does. Her room still has tin on the outside as hurricane season continues until the end of November and that room is currently used for storage. 

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