Monday, May 14, 2018

Retreat and Michigan

I Read and agree with someone who compaired area retreat with the atmosphere of family camp.

Spending the week both with the Global Partner's team from Haiti as well as Central and South America was good for all of us.

During the morning meetings for the adults, Anna and Fritzlin did crafts with the others and got to spend time with the other missionary kids in their age groups.  The adults attended meetings, country meetings, or workshops in the mornings.

Most afternoons included free time for fun or individual meetings. The last night we celebrated Fritzlin's adoption with ice cream.

We stayed an extra 1/2 day so that I, Kris, could complete 8 hours of leadership training.

Saturday we flew from Tampa to Philipdelphia and then on to Grand Rapids.

A few exciting moments when our descent for landing became a rapid acceleration to avoid a larger plane that we were too close to in the clouds.

Family greeted us at the airport and then we enjoyed a meal together at Cory's sister's house.

Sunday we once again gathered together, this time at my brother Todd's church to celebrate Mother's Day with both our moms as well as Fritzlin's baptism.

Today Cory and Anna headed out shopping for food, as well as for items that Cory needs for his return to Haiti next week.

Fritzlin and I worked on some school work, and unpacked. Fritzlin worked on Lego's while I completed some office work.

This week we will:

  • Continue to connect with supporting churches to set up visits
  • Work on a new routine
  • Move Eli back to Allegan after he finishes finals on Thursday
  • Collect needed items for Cory's Haiti trip
  • Mail out new prayer cards to the supporters we will not likely not be visiting this year
  • Visit the library
  • Work on the garden

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