Monday, May 7, 2018

Pre-travel - Travels

Prior to leaving Délice we finished moving our household items to the new house, and did some major cleaning at the house we left.

Thankfully with the spring rains starting up we could do some laundry and mopping.

Monday we finished up these tasks along with packing for our trip to northern Haiti and the USA.

Tuesday morning we loaded up early and enjoyed the sunrise as we traveled down the mountain.

Anna's cat joined us on this trip as he will be staying at Fauche for the summer.

We made good time even with a couple short stops.

Jean Pierre helped us to set up a small party for Anna's friends to celebrate her graduation.

The timing worked out that the women's volleyball teams returned from nationals that same day.

The three teams came in first, second, and third in their age groups.

Cory visited the trees and gardens around campus before we headed to Children of the Promise to visit Fritzlin's last foster house.

We spent the afternoon reconnecting with the Hope House family.

 Cory and Anna did travel to Cap Haitian to pick up our Haitian residential paperwork that was flown from Port-au-Prince to Cap due to our having to wait 8 days after having our fingerprints taken at the police station.

Thankfully we receive the paperwork before heading to the airport!

Thursday we flew to the USA.

 You can read more about this on our adoption blog here.

Unfortunately  Fritzlin did not feel well all day.

We were all ready for bed by the time we reached our hotel in Ft. Myers.

Friday everyone enjoyed visiting ECHO as we connected with friends and Cory talked plants.

We showed the kids Cory's intern picture on the wall...Fritz was surprised that Dad looked 'like a kid'.

Friday night-Sunday morning we enjoyed time with Cory's Uncle and Aunt. Good food-Chinese buffet, burgers, ice cream! Swimming. Shopping at Good Will.

Sunday we surprised one of Kris' missionary aunts but showing up at Fellowship Community Church in Spring Hill before heading over to worship at Brooksville Wesleyan.

We enjoyed the park for the afternoon before returning to share in the evening service.

Always great to be able to thank people in person for their support of our family and ministry, as well as answering questions.

Good-byes for now.

A few peach palms from Costa Rica seed collected in '14 have flower buds!

Working on learning to swim

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