Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Strikes, protests, hurricane...lots of prayers this week.

Mountain villages and road. 
Cory's off on a trip down the mountain to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping.

The work crew continues to work on the house and should have the lower walls done by tomorrow if all goes well. Work continues gathering gravel and rocks for the next phases.

The next big projects: painting the cistern and pouring the cement slab for floor for the main living area.

Still praying for a professional level welder for the roof work.

Yesterday a group opposing the current government called for a country wide transportation strike in Haiti.

Thanfully we have not heard of major trouble from the strike.

But one never knows if these things will be bad or not, so Cory did not travel.

There is also a call out for major protests Wednesday through Friday over the new taxes, so major cities could be a mess for the rest of the week...so Cory headed down the mountain today.

Let's not forget to mention that Hurricane Maria, a catagory 5 storm as I write, could be bringing heavy rains and winds by the end of the week.

So many things and people to pray about [Judge strikes, pregnant friends,  stuck adoptions, a variety of health concerns, visas, spiritual attacks, college kids far from home, financial needs, emotional healing, salvation, weather...I need a notebook just to keep track of current issues!]

 I constantly need to remind myself to focus on the Lord and not let all the troubles of this world drag me down. To stand on His promises and not sink into the 'what if worries of today and the future'.
Rock carrier equipement. 

Something I love about Délice is that in a short walk I can get to a place I can see LaGonave, the southern peninsula, or the mountains to the north.

I can see so much of the country from our mountain top, where God put us.

I see, I remember, I pray!

A sincere, heart-felt thank you to all of those lifting us up in your prayers as well. We know how important our prayer team is to our ministry and our family.

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