Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Building, celebrations, and prayer requests

Continued thankfullness that Hurricane Irma did not cause severe damage in most of Haiti.

The masons returned to work on Monday morning to work on our house, barely making it up the mountain road on motorcycles due to the errosion and damage from the rain. Today the road remains closed to 4-wheel vehicles.

The water cistern is already blessing us, as the workers can use the rainwater from the rains to make the mortar for the lower level walls.

The rock collecting team and gravel digging team continue to work as well.

A few of the men not needed for other jobs are working on the road where the rains caused some erosion.

This week slipped easily into rountine of school, house hold chores, getting out an email update, and watching the work on the house continue.

We celebrated 19 years since our move to Haiti on Monday. I tried to think of something profound to mark this important milestone in our lives...but still thinking.

Unfortunately on the heels of our celebrating our adoption case finally exiting IBESR, [1,333 days total] we learned yesterday that all the judges in Haiti went on strike. If the government does not respond to the judge's strike by September 22 the strike will continue.  Prayers appreciated.

Prayers also needed as protests in the capital over increased taxes have turned violent the last three days. At some point in the next week or two Cory should travel for household/ food shopping and purchasing of building supplies.

Thinking of family this week as they prepare to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary. So very thankful for them and their continued Godly example of ministry in many ways.

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