Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kris's Mom...feelings about Délice

  When asked to write about how I feel about our children and grandchildren moving to a remote, mountain top in Haiti...I guess I have to reflect on not only their and our history in the country of Haiti , but also on the unfailing love, mercy and grace of our heavenly Father.
   First...I recall our own calling and involvement in Haiti.  A two week trip to a remote place, seeing needs that we could help fill.  I can remember the excitement as God called us into full time service and some of the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all.  From our perspective now of many years..our decision to follow God's leading to move to Haiti was one of the most  influential that we ever made for our family.  Our involvement in Haiti..has lead to our children both being in full time service for our as you know now on their 19th year serving in Haiti.  Our decision, not understood by many, supported by some, proved to be a time of seeing God work in so many special ways that showed His love.
  As we first heard the news from Cory and Kris about their visit to Delice, we could already hear their heart's longing to go and help in this needy area.  A people group, isolated from major urban towns, a people group where the vast majority of adults are illiterate, whose children are suffering from preventable illness, medical ER care non existent, farmers who only know to grow a few crops...a people group somehow lost in time and a people group who our Lord loves.  And when you saw me hungry and gave me something to eat and drink.  And with that..all the logistics of the move became things that simply with His help the Thedes would begin to overcome.  Praying for the Lord's guidance on this journey...they began.  First to tell us and Eli about moving to a place that in many ways is more removed from us...questionable internet service for good communications, a longer way to travel for visits.  Now the raising of funds for a home to be the first building on the site.  Even in the raising of funds, I know how difficult all this can be.  Once funds are raised..the isolation of the building site means construction challenges and finally the move..which is hard to even comprehend at this point and finally learning to live among the people there.  It is all a HUGE challenge.  Not an easy work, a pioneer effort and my heart sighs deeply with it all.  BUT then I remember we serve a God of the impossible and remember He has never failed us.  A God who loves the mountain people of Delice.
  I guess all of this leads me to one final thought...and it is all about what God has called each of us to do.  I covet, plead for your prayers for this new calling for Cory, Kris, Anna.and F.  Pray that God will move in mighty ways in the building of the house and the move.  Pray that the enemy will not be able to discourage or frustrate plans.  And finally ask the Lord if you might have the privilege of helping with the financial need of this project.  You see it is a privilege.  Larry and I, nor most of you, could not take on a project like Delice, there are not many who would have the qualifications that are needed there, but without others to pray and give, neither can Kris and Cory.  I wonder how many will feel God's calling to become a part of this special work.
[While I was tempted to edit out the part about asking for funding for this project I did not. I know the Lord will bless those who partner with us in prayers or funding. I know it will take many folks to equip us to move to this new location...but I'm not comfortable asking for 'us'. I know we can't live and serve in Délice without a house / home it just feels selfish asking for funding that will benefit our family in such a personal way. Maybe it is my pride that makes me feel so funny...but I know the blessings that the Lord can pour on the generous. So in the end we left the blog unedited.]


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SherryinMI said...

You were right to leave in the funding comment. It was a reminder to me that I had hoped to help in some small way. :) Blessings to you all!