Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Folks 2017 visit.

Today the downside of visits occurred, the good-byes.

We enjoyed their stay.

Sorry we did not keep you updated as much on their visit as other years.

In addition to our agricultural trip we enjoyed our family time.

My mom worked with Anna, helping her with schoolwork...reading history, Bible, and literature.

Dad worked with Cory's guys for a couple days down at clinic repairing screens on doors and windows, and replaced a few ripped screens on the guest house.

Dad also repaired the goat house and put on a new roof.

Dad and Mom's big project consisted of making storage containers for under our bed mattress.
Laughing because they feel short...feet not touching the floor.

Dad and the guys made the 3 boxes, while Mom and I varnished, two coats.

The three boxes will travel to the new house packed with lightweight items. Now our mattress sits a bit higher and sleeps great.

The space-wasting box-springs were put in the guest house. With the under-bed storage, we won't need as much dresser or closet space in the new house.

Dad and I potted up some starfruit trees for Cory.

We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed making family memories and just hanging out together...what I miss the most- just normal days as a family.

And on their last full day we celebrated Anna.

Words cannot express what the support of both our families mean to us.

Thank you to all our friends and family who sent birthday wishes to Anna and donated to the Délice project fund.

Now a few days to focus on school, office work, gardens, education and the like before mid-week next week when we head down to missionary-team-meetings.

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Missus Wookie said...

Our Wookie designed and built bed features under bed drawers - and a footboard that folds down so we can store bedding under the bed between the drawers.

Glad that you are making good progress on the preparations, and got to have some of that family time that is so precious.