Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On the road again....

Two trips to southern Haiti in October; one to LaGonave + two to Délice in November; December and January travel to and from the USA and today we had to Cap Haitian for our 5th medical team with the Holy Cross Lutheran team.

Back in 2013, we joined the medical team for the first trip not dreaming we would continue to do so once a year. We look forward to serving with this team, joining old friends and meeting new ones.

We spent yesterday packing, as well as working in the gardens/plant nursery, school, and office.

Praying for good weather as in the past rain prevented a clinic as well as complicating travel on the dirt roads. Following a windy night we've had a few light sprinkles so far today.

If things go as planned, we will hold medical clinics at the same four locations as last year.

Eli will be finishing up his January class today with a 2 minute good-bye speech before heading to Allegan for the rest of the week. He plans to visit a business on Thursday that may be a site for his summer internship. Thank you for praying.

peach palm and a Malay apple
Once we return we will only be one week from my folks coming for a two-week visit; and the week following their visit we will head down for missionary meetings and hopefully a trip up to Délice.

Thank you for your prayers for our travels. Some parts of the road reduce our speeds to less than 10 miles an hour making for very long, bumpy hours in the truck.

Will try to blog during this week but in part it depends on the internet in Cap Haitian where we stay.

If not I'll catch you up on our adventures next week.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Lovely photos in this post!