Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gift of Being Present..

Today we received a gift; A special gift of friends visiting. Only those who live out of the way, in somewhat hard to get to locations will totally understand, but today we are thankful for the effort put out by the Gross family to come for lunch.

We benefited just from the idea of their possibly coming for a visit during the last two weeks because it helped to motivate us to clean and organize the house [along with: returning after being gone; leaving next week for a week of medical clinics; the idea of moving in the future; and the fact that my folks will be coming for a visit 1 week after we get back from our time with the Lutheran team]

This summer we enjoyed a few minutes of chatting with a team mate who came for meetings during conference time as well as a few minutes when a team stopped in to drop Anna off after a beach trip...but we really can't remember the last time someone stopped in just to visit.

We enjoyed a walk though the gardens, lunch, GREAT ice cream brought by our guests but the best part...just sitting around talking and watching Anna chat and have fun with other teens.

We shared fresh Malay apple, peach palm heart, peach palm fruit, 'Nam Doc Mai' mango, egg fruit, and for desert an apple crisp recipe using jujube fruit.

They left with some fruit trees and we pray that they will grow well and bless many with the fruit. They also took some books, two boxes of medical journals for Dr. Rodney, a box of books for Cowman school, a box of Reader's Digests, and a box of some chemistry stuff for the school!!

Yeah. I now have a clean, organized house; five less boxes of stuff; been blessed by the visit of friends; and a good memory.  Never underestimate the impact of visiting a friend and being present in their life...even for just a few hours. Thank you Gross family for the encouragement. Courage!

P. S. Praying you get home well. They mentioned when they arrived that they were well shaken from the bumpy roads.

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