Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time Off...

For then next few weeks we plan to change things up...focusing on some family time, making memories, vision casting, dreaming, personal time, just hanging out and goofing off.

No school. No gardening. No classes. Unplugging a bit.

If you did not receive an electronic version of our latest newsletter this week or a hard copy in the mail (sent Wednesday)and would like one please let us know.  Some interesting news in it!

 We will still be connecting with people, keeping up with correspondence, and paperwork. So doing some work...just not our 'normal'. 

Therefore there may not be as many blogs but don't worry, I'll start again in the new year.

On the other hand we may be able to post some short videos due to improved internet and no bandwidth restrictions. Hope to be able to share some garden videos about trees as well as Kid's club.

2017 looks like it will be a year of some big changes for our family...the main one, as we continue to hope and pray, is that the adoption process will move forward and F will come home.

So we will be taking this time to rest, recharge, and reconnect.

If a few of you find yourself not knowing what to do with the minutes in your day normally spent reading this blog I have some suggestions: leave a comment or email us letting us know what you like or do not like about the blog. 

Maybe send a question you've always wondered about or a suggestion of a topic that interests you. Tell me what your favorite blogs have been. 

Perhaps you saw something interesting or clever on another website or blog that you could suggest we do. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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SherryinMI said...

I love your blog posts - always so informative. Enjoy your time away from electronics to reconnect, re-energize and enjoy your family!