Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Délice Dreams

Three weeks ago we made two visits to the mountain top to see the new Wesleyan property at Délice.
Fireplace at the coffee plantation ruins

Some of you may have wondered why we would take another hard, 2.5 hour ride up the mountain when we had just visited with a couple of the national church leaders to advise about the use of the land they want to develop into an agricultural project.

On the top of the mountain the Lord expanded our ministry goals and dreams.

In the last three weeks we've received the needed approvals to start preparing to move to the top of the mountain to start a new ministry base for the Wesleyan Church.

 Once we arrived home Cory found the 2014 open letter to the churches from Pastor Doucet describing the dream for the land above Cabaret: a farm to produce vegetables and livestock; a school of agriculture; a health center; and other community development projects.

View of Artibonite valley
The mountain land is at 4,400 feet, between peaks named 'the Terrible Mountains' in the Matthew chain of mountains.
Land near the plantation ruins

The area is called Delice, which translates to "Delight".

Cory feels it holds great potential for fruit trees and vegetables, as well as improved livestock forage and firewood trees.

A missionary couple in the area running an independent ministry greeted our suggestion of being neighbors positively.

They recently held a clinic and saw 600 children with protein malnutrition.

Fort Drouet
While the people grow corn, beans, pigeon peas and livestock, they sell the animals and beans, causing their children to suffer due to eating mostly corn.

We will be praying, researching, and planning in the weeks to come..both how to leave Frauche well and about building a house, moving, what can grow at the elevation we are moving to and more.

No time line at this point... but a lot already happened in just three weeks.

All needed approvals for the move occurred in just two weeks.

We started thinking about the floor plan for a house and developing some plans on how we can minister in the area-agriculurally and medically.

The nearest church is a 45 minute or longer hike away, people hike hours or all day to get to a clinic. No school for the kids, most of them are busy helping with garden work during the planting and harvesting seasons.

Looking back we can see how the Lord prepared us for this unexpected adventure when we did not even know a big change was coming.

View of coffee plantation ruins from the fort
Please join us in praying.

  • God's will and time line to be clear

  • All needed resources to be provided

  • Good ideas: for plants, trees, house plans, job descriptions

  • Know how to prepare key people to transition into our current roles at Fauche, in the roles that the district wishes to continue after we move.

  • Clear knowledge of the land boundaries and if needed, additional purchase of land

Not many trees at the top of the mountain, but big avocado trees there look great.
Most of the land is in the 600' (200 Meter) buffer zone next to the ruins where construction is prohibited. Close to the ruins will be a good area to put coffee trees, restoring some of the historical appearance of the site, and an area for improved pasture and livestock. The rest of the land should do well growing gardens and fruit trees.

In the clouds during our first trip. On part of the 32 acres of Wesleyan land near the coffee plantation ruins.
 It grows good corn.


Missus Wookie said...

Exciting and scary times - sounds like a G*D thing. Holding you all in the light, hoping way will open and that you'll find clearness.

Drew Rankin said...

Really exciting! This sounds like the church I visited in the plains east of Port au Prince. The Haitian church is dreaming big dreams! What an exciting time to be partnered with them.

SherryinMI said...

Exciting! What a great opportunity and your family seems perfectly suited for it.

Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Wow, this is awesome!!!! How exciting to hear what the Lord is doing!