Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trip Two.

Glad to be home again for a couple weeks before we head to LaGonave for a team meeting.

Wednesday, Oct 26th we headed South, planning to continue on to Port-au-Prince after dropping Anna off at the Ortlip Center. However once there we learned about a delay in purchasing the relief supplies so we stayed at Ortlip.

Thursday we headed into town and spent the time at the Gilles guest house working on computer, talking with guests, reading, and praying.

Friday we joined many other volunteers at a Wesleyan school building to prepare the kits for distribution. Over 600 buckets and 600 boxes/bags were prepared to give away.

First a hole was drilled in the side of the bucket for the water filter to be fitted in once the families received their items. By the end of the day over 600 buckets each held: oil, canned fish, spaghetti, a water filter kit, and a personal hygiene kit. The food bags/boxes held a 16 pound bag of corn meal and 16 pound bag of beans.

Then I counted as 150 sets were loaded into a truck for Bainet mountains and a second truck loaded for two locations near Torbeck [just past Les Cayes] with 300 sets.

Thank you for the prayers for our safety.

Another truck would need to be rented on Monday to bring the last 150 sets to the Petite Goave campus for the mountain churches in need there.

Saturday we followed the truck heading to Torbeck. Police and the local mayor joined us when we passed through Cayes to help with the distributions.

Sunday we returned to Ortlip.

On Monday, protests in Torbeck closed the road and since then a Unicef truck of relief supplies was looted near Torbeck.

Monday we brought about 1,400 Konsey books to a conference center where all the Wesleyan pastors from all districts were to meet for a Summit this week.

Each received one of each of the Konsey books and some will be able to pick up extra copies for their churches.

We also donated 4 boxes of konsey books to a veterinarian friend doing a lot of work in the far west, the area hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew.

Tuesday we returned home.


Jet Ryan said...

I finally caught up with you two!!How are you both?! Still planting mornings trees??

Are you familiar with Eyes Wide Open, a friend of mine from my church here is exec dir, her name is Nicolbompart; focus on orphaned children.

Jet Ryan said...

That was moringa trees! Phone autocorrected!!