Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trip Two Plans...prayer requests

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Broken community well in Petite Riviére de Nippes

The donated World Hope supplies arrived last week and were released from customs in three days following a lot of hard work. 

Four hard hit areas will be targeted for relief efforts: LaGonave, Torbeck [just West of Les Cayes] and the mountain areas south of Petite Goave and north of Bainet. 

Each area will identify 150 families with the greatest needs to receive a bag of food [beans, corn meal, oil, spaghetti, dry fish and onions], water filter, personal hygiene kits. The tarps will go to churches and schools. We will also bring more boxes of Konsey books for distribution in the harder hit areas.

Boat to Grand Boucan
Because the mountain areas remain very hard to reach the distributions in Petite Goave and Bainet will occur at the mission compound or church. We plan to travel to Port-au-Prince tomorrow, again dropping Anna off at the Ortlip center. Thursday the team will travel to Bainet with P. Goave and Torbeck on the schedual for Friday.

Saturday we may visit Love a Child and see their gardening and reforestation program, bringing some eggfruit trees and Konsey books. We plan to return to Ortlip Center for the rest of the weekend. Next week is a big training summit for 160 pastors, so we will attend the start of that on Monday to talk about the Konsey books, and meet/encourage the pastors before heading home on Tuesday.

We also heard from our adoption agency that they were hoping that F’s family would appear in court this week to sign the needed papers. He turns 6 years old this week. 

-Areas and families remain who have not received help.
-Travel-Safety   No road blocks. No issues with folks wanting the aid for themselves. No weather issues
Petite Goave Campus
-Good distributions
-Good communications
• That we can gather the needed information to best direct fund raising and relief.
• Identify and connect with the leaders in the communities
• Wisdom to prioritize the needs 
• Connect with other organizations and work together
-Health for us but more so for the people in the South under so much stress and lack of water and food. High risk for Cholera, other GI diseases and mosquito born diseases
 -That we can be an encouragement and share the Lord's love.
-For the Pastor’s Summit  Oct. 31-Nov. 3
-Adoption papers signed and turned into IBESR.

Grand Boucan church.

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