Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Women's conference day 1...

Eli: After settling in and seeing some of the sites this weekend the students started classes on Monday. Today's blog from a professor "Between our 3-4 hours in engineering class every day and the 2-3 hours of German class and all the homework to do (and grade), our group is very busy."

Church on Sunday and to think 2 weeks prior he was home-worship with no electricity, sitting on wooden benches that he helped his grandparents build, and singing accapella. [In the second picture Eli's sitting on the far left of the picture in an orange shirt.

Very thrilled to see Mme. Fanny able to return to work yesterday after many months off for health reasons.

Her doctor repeated all her tests and things have greatly improved. Celebrating and praising the Lord with her. The lab for her blood improved x4 and is in a normal range!

Many arrived after the rain, on motorcycles
 or open trucks, wet and with wet luggage
Women's conference started yesterday, following a lot of campus preparations and clean up. Cory headed to Limbée about 4 ish to pick up some of the women on the national committee, and thankfully returned before a huge thunderstorm hit, dumping over 3 inches of rain on campus.

We picked about 65 pounds of star fruit to share with the ladies on Monday and more remain on the four trees in our back yard.

Still loosing some to boys who come even in broad daylight to steal the fruit. Praying for them to learn how dangerous this can be before they get in real trouble and that they turn their lives around now.

Three bunches of bananas walked from lower campus in recent nights as well.

First full day of women's conference today and we were shocked to learn they expected around 600 women! Two years ago about 200 attended. Printed and cut more blood pressure cards...will see how many we can fit in before Saturday night.

 Best is to just have a couple in line waiting, as too many waiting means more talking and harder hearing.

Children's program
 So for one hour this morning Kris did blood pressures for the ladies working in the kitchen-sending one directly to clinic and telling two to go tomorrow.

In the afternoon before a meeting Cory joined Kris in front of the big guest house for a second hour of checking pressures and all three of us checked later in the day for a couple hours.

Singing fills the air as they sing praise songs...we checked about 165 blood pressures today. Hoping the 600 number is including children!

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