Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A quiet morning for me full of prayers and praising.


  • Spending time with Eli. Getting to listen and watch him interact with our family and friends. Laughing at videos or discussing books, good-morning and good-night hugs.
  • Getting a chance to Face Time with F on Sunday. Very special hearing his voice and giggles and seeing his expressions. Hearing him ask questions to each of us and his wanting to learn more about his new home. Seeing his small bag of possessions he packed last week..asking the Lord to continue to fill him with hope and joy while we continue to wait for paperwork to exit IBESR.
  • Needed rain for the gardens.
  • Anna's sprained thumb continues to improve.
  • Speaking to about 50 people on Monday and 20+ adults yesterday while they wait to see the doctors or dentist. Very appreciative and listened well for close to two hours of health advice.
  • Cory helped with the planting of some free cocoa trees for the campus from a Compassion group program on campus yesterday after they taught about the environment and demonstrated to young people how to plant the trees. Thankful as well he arrived in time to prevent a water line from being broken and being able to direct some from the large group to the best places to plant the trees.
  • For many of the students in the adult literacy classes who were able to receive reading glasses so they don't have to share anymore during class.
  • For the credit card company blocking an Air Canada ticket purchase that we didn't do on our card. That our card was not used for any other items and is now being changed and replaced.
  • That Calvin let Eli know about a required class he needs in the fall and that he was able to sign up for it without trouble. 
  • For having enough bananas to share with the children in Kids Club, volleyball and literacy programs. 
  • That the generator for the clinic was fixed yesterday.
  • For faithful supporters. 

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Missus Wookie said...

Thank you for sharing your praises. Always good to know how to pray more specifically for you all.

Enjoy that time with Eli.