Monday, June 13, 2016

Contrasting worship.

Two Sundays in a row, two very different settings.

The Buffalo NY Conference Center: complete with armed security, air-conditioning, video screens, great sound system and multiple colored lights where we met with the vast majority of Global Partner's missionaries from around the world in a service that mingled GP's Amplifying Mission Summit participants with church representatives attending General Conference.

Two thousand or so people in one room, worshiping and praising our Lord in English. Cold air making me shiver as we sat in nicely padded chairs watching the flags of our countries of service projected on a big screen.

The next week at home in Fauche: we again praised the Lord and worshiped with about 100 others.

A one-story cement building with unfinished windows, on a wooden church pew with many hand fans stirring the hot air while we sang in Haitian Creole and listened to a message about the importance of children recognizing the Day of the Child.

No electricity used during service.

Two very different places, cultures, and people but the same sweet worship to the same amazing Lord and Savior.

Both special and containing people who love, pray, and support us and our ministry.

Between these two Sundays two courageous people lost their battles with cancer. I'd prayed for both for years and will continue to pray for their families. One a cousin, I saw at family reunions most summers, I think the first of our generation to move on to the next life.  Thankful my parents will be able to attend the celebration of Greg's life and express our condolences to the family.

The second, a friend and fellow GP missionary, perhaps the first to pass on during our partnership with GP. Thankful for the smile we shared at the Summit. Thankful I can continue to pray for the seeds Crystal planted especially with her medical team in Czech during her years of treatment.

Thankful for the comfort that we can take, along with the families, that both these special people served and loved the Lord.

Lord help me to serve you better. Help me to draw closer to you and truly share your transforming love with a hurting world. Help me to fight strong and with courage the battles you allow in my life. Help me to learn to share Your hope better and amplify Your love.

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