Saturday, June 25, 2016

Garden Visit, and Good Sunscreen recommendation

Help with PSAT math review
 A couple good rains this week which we needed will really help the trees and plants continue to grow.

We continue to enjoy having Eli back home. Not really doing anything 'special' but just being able to hang out with him and enjoy his presence is wonderful.

Garden work, clinic chats, kids working on some language studies but mostly reading, some video game competitions and family time.

Anna did go to the beach with friends taking a work-team from the Emmaus Seminary. Anna's friend's blog..    Eli preferred to stay home and read.

Due to a three inch rain, the rest of the family did not visit the far gardens beyond the river with Cory, but we did take a short hike to see Gener's garden.

Short, only half-a-mile, but mostly up hill. Great views. The egg fruit, peach palm, and jack fruit planted last winter are growing well.

This weekend we plan to celebrate Eli's birthday [3 months early] because he's with us!

Genre's mountain garden, planted with cassava, beans and fruit trees.
Since we work with health education and preventing health problems, we would like to give a quick sunscreen product review, written by Cory.

Being a light skinned agricultural missionary in the tropics, married to a MD, I get reminded from time to time that I am getting too tanned and need to use more sunscreen.

Having read about sunscreen killing off coral, disrupting hormones, blocking vitamin D production, penetrating skin and then causing damage if not reapplied generously every two hours, and having it stain clothes orange, I liked to have some tan as backup protection.

While in NY for the summit I found a titanium and zink oxides based mineral sunscreen to try and it works well compared to the chemical screens.

It doesn't rub off easily, even while sweating, has not stained clothes yet and I do not worry about whether it stays in my skin for days making free radicals if I don't have fresh sunscreen on each time I'm in the sun.

The most recent detailed article I saw is:EWG 2016 Sunscreen Report

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