Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bord de Mer Church

Confession..we remain embarrassed and clueless why it took us so many years to visit the Bord de Mer Wesleyan Church.

 Cory visited years ago when it was still being built and planted some acai and date palms.

But reviewing our church list last week we decided to go as our visit was years over-due and it is close by, just about 30 minutes down the road.

Anna didn't feel well over the weekend but went with us even with a slight temperature and head ache.

We enjoyed worshiping with the church folks and did a quick visit of their school.

Over 300 students attend this small school!

The sign on the outside school wall tells the children "not to learn for the test but for life"...good advice.

We totally forgot Haitian Father's Day until hearing the announcement in church on Sunday.

We celebrated Eli during the weekend as well so had some special foods like mulberry pie, taco soup, and hot fudge cake.

Today we joined Cory and the guys and visited the three garden plots across the river.

After seeing them we left the guys to work on weeding the third garden while we returned home.

Yesterday Cory handed out over 30 chaya cuttings and handouts to the large crowd waiting to see the clinic doctors.

I spoke to the group before he arrived and they listened and asked good health questions. Not every group says 'thank you' but this one did.

Cory came late due to the ambulance having trouble starting, the driver needed to borrow some tools and a gallon of gas.

Then a cow was found wandering and grazing weeds in the campus gardens so it was caught and tied up and Cory talked to the owner, who happened to be sitting across the road from the person in charge of loose cow problems.  (This person keeps lost livestock until the owner comes and pays any fines/damages that are due. We didn't ask for any damage fee since no real damage was done).

 It is reported that the offending person has let his cows damage many gardens, sometimes letting cows roam for weeks. His story was that someone untied the cow. There is always a "story" about a kid that improperly tied the animal or someone else that caused the problem.

Today only about 10 adults were waiting at clinic but another good listening group.

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