Monday, January 11, 2016

Roots-good and not so good.

With Anna's ankle still recovering we did not attend the volleyball games on Saturday, so a quiet weekend for us.

One thing that Cory and I worked on a couple days last week consisted of repotting some trees.

The bags used to plant the trees in ended up being biodegradable.

While this may work for plants and trees that only need to be in the bag a very short time, it did not work for slow growing star fruit trees.

Some of the egg fruits and black sapote trees also needed to be transferred.

Cory plans to have the guys try to sell some more trees either by the gate or at the market soon.

 Mulberry trees near the other trees also complicated things as their aggressive roots entered the bags.

A few of the very small, struggling trees we planted into plastic pots, knowing they will take a while to grow strong.

Why not plant all the trees in pots?

Because they are more expensive and not everyone can bring pots back so it is better have some to sell or give away in bags. 

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