Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gener's Garden, by Cory

On Monday Cory, Gener and Yvon went up the mountain in back of the mission for a 3rd planting of fruit trees. [Cory doesn't carry any on his head so can't carry as many!]

They can only carry about 16 potted trees plus tools each trip.

The walk takes about 15 minutes, the path is steep and has a great view of the Port Margot valley.

The garden is next to forest that grew up on former garden land at the top of the small mountain.

Since the garden is on the northwest slope of a hill, the sun doesn't dry the ground much this time of year.

The planting was mostly egg fruit and peach palm, with a few jackfruit, malay apple, and black sapote.

On Tuesday Cory and Jean Pierre went to Cap Haitian to deliver more fruit trees to the Deep River Mission guest house.

He also brought Konsey II and Konsey for Kids books that will go to 5 Lutheran churches and schools.

A truck with 4 police met Cory on the road near the guest house and thought Cory lived there.

We are thankful to have had good relations with the police in Port Margot. The Cap Haitian police were out getting to know the community.
There are a few young mango trees to graft new varieties.

There are many new houses being built in the area.

Cory offered to translate for the owner so they all went into the yard and they did introductions.

They were friendly and asked if anyone in the area was causing problems.

Cory gave them each a Konsey II book.

The guest house now has a wide variety of Haitian and introduced fruit trees that guests will be able to learn about and taste.

After unloading the truck, Cory and three others from the guest house went to a town about 20 minutes west of Cap Haitian to visit a doctor they are working with doing the "Garden of Eden" farming method with mulch and no-till.

The mayor of a nearby town was also there and they were both very interested in planting new fruit trees. They were given several varieties of fruit trees to plant.

The photo of Dominican Republic goats on the Kids Konsey book cover led to some enthusiastic discussion of goats and dairy goats. Haitians are amazed that a large dairy goat can give a gallon of milk per day, which is considered a lot for a milk cow here to give.

Post by Cory. Sorry no pictures from Tuesday, which was also the 6th anniversary of Haiti's most recent big earthquake. Today marks two years since our adoption chart entered IBESR...praying to exit.

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