Monday, December 28, 2015

Senior Party Day...

Took down our Christmas decorations today...this year they did not stay up very long but I needed some of the stuff in my life to simplify and putting them away with family still being here I thought would be easier for me that doing it later.

Cory and guys worked on taking care of a large bird nest, high in a palm. The nest drops thorn branches all over the yard.

Mom worked with Anna on some school work.

Dad and Eli finished up the box project and cut some bamboo poles for a goat shed project.

Mom now blogging:

They also worked at putting together the legs for the project..which involved cutting end poles with notches for the cross poles and then wiring the whole thing together.

 It will be interesting to see the completed project.

Several of us also enjoyed a few reading breaks being in the middle of good books.

This afternoon's big entertainment revolved around the Christmas/birthday party for those in the community over the age of 75 along with members of the adult literacy program.

 About 120 people where there and enjoyed the program of a devotional, various singing groups.
Anna sang with two other young ladies, a clown, dancing and then food was given to everyone.

The senior community was honored by applause, gifts for the oldest person there [a lady 105!], etc.

Everyone seemed to have a good time with a lots of laughter and clapping.

Cory shared egg fruits for part of the meal.

Even the neighborhood dogs came in after the party and shared in some clean up.

So another interesting day...from reading Pilgrim's Progress, visiting with a Pastor friend, watching a high bird nest removal with a 53 foot pole, construction with bamboo to a community party...where else but here?

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