Monday, November 9, 2015


A new week and only the Lord knows what it will hold.

Thankful that He not only knows but loves each of us and remains in control.

He will make a way. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Due to the election results parts of Haiti remain volatile. Even areas with current peace can be stirred to violence with little notice or warning. Praying for peace especially for those who need to travel.

Praying for the Chamberlain family during Emma's funeral today. Know many friends from Haiti who would like to be present but thankful that Pastor Dan could represent us.

Praying that Port remains calm for those living and working there. Praying for the government offices to be open. Praying for those working on adoptions and with child welfare especially.

Cory spent the weekend in Florida.  He arrived on Thursday. Visited some fruit gardens on Friday before driving to Brooksville. He participated in the mission conference. Not many details but we hear it went well.

Thankful that he could say thank you in person to some many folks who have supported us faithfully for years.

This morning he left early hoping to reach ECHO in time for staff devotions. Lord willing he will return tomorrow afternoon.

We will rely on our friends to keep tabs on the situation and advise us about Cory's travels tomorrow afternoon.

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