Thursday, November 5, 2015


My days and nights fill with prayer. Prayer for the impossible. Prayer for healing. Prayer for adoptions.

Prayer for my children. Prayer for family. Prayer for the lost, the persecuted, the hurting, the confused, the angry, the bitter people of this world.

Prayer for weather, trees, plants, crops, animals.

Prayer for lost items to be found, for protection of paperwork and equipment.

Prayer for me: attitudes, words, goals, focus.

Prayers of praise and worship.

Prayers for peace, joy, humor, wisdom, understanding,  flexibility, PATIENCE, and the other essentials in life.

I'm so thankful that we can go to our Father God directly, anytime, anywhere and He hears us.

Thankful we can pray while doing other things or we can stop and pray.

No standing in line, no need to call or write, no payment, no need to physically do anything, no formula has to be followed or mantra to recite...just focus my thoughts toward Him.

I'm thankful that our God is so big He knows the names of all the stars in all the universes, and knows the number of hairs on each head. This means that He can listen to each prayer.

Even if every living person were to pray all at the same time He would be listening. What a comfort!

I do not ever need to worry that my concerns or issues are to small for Him to notice or to insignificant for Him to care...because He cares for me He cares for what I care about.

Prayer draws me closer to God. Prayer draws me closer to others as I lift them up to the Lord and their situations.

Encouraged this week by many friends praying for Dr. Tim and Emma's family though Emma's illness. The Lord called her home yesterday. Some friends on Facebook assumed we were family, and we are, adopted members of God's family. Please continue to pray for Dr. Tim and the family.

Encouraged with the 55 different folks who specifically let us know that they would be praying for a Thanksgiving miracle that F could be home. Know they represent many churches, groups, and others who are also joining us in prayer.

Books and books expound theories about prayer. I know prayer changes things because prayer changed me and continues to work in my life. I know prayer is powerful.  I do not know exactly how prayer works and that's OK.

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