Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prayer request, weekend update

Some of the ground peanut cover made it. 
Please pray for Dr. Tim Chamberlain's wife Emma, who's fighting for her life.

Overwhelming sepsis caused organ damage. The next 24 hours will be critical. She started continual dialysis yesterday and remains on a ventilator. Please pray for her family and medical team. Dr. Tim and many of the family visit Haiti frequently.

Thankful for a good trip this weekend. If you want to know more use the tab at the top to visit our adoption blog.

Took us longer than normal to travel as frequent rains this month have already damaged the dirt roads.

Sunday we attended church here as travel tends to be non-advisable during major elections in Haiti.

We arrived as normal at the end of Sunday school but being totally done with church in just over one hour may be a first for us in Haiti.

The sermon focused on how one needs to know who you're voting for because if you vote for someone who serves the devil, then you are an accomplice, not a victim. Pastor encouraged everyone to ask God for wisdom on voting because only He knows people's hearts.

Last night, we received 4.6 inches of rain. Cory's new garden of peach palm trees should be ready to put down roots and adjust to the new location.
No longer dry.

Monday the guys finished replanting the holes in the "living fencerows" and planted ground cover peanut under the trees in two of the gardens.

Negotiations continue for an additional piece of land in the same area.

They hope to replant the rehab garden soon with ground cover as well.

Cory plans to travel with the Munsells on Thursday to Port-au-Prince.

He will drop off some Konsey books and hopefully buy some new batteries for our inverter system and maybe a washing machine.

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