Saturday, October 31, 2015

New batteries.

I requested prayers for Dr. Tim's wife, Emma on Tuesday. She's still fighting the sepsis, kidney failure, blistering of 30% of her body and possible brain injury. A blood clot in a major artery in right hand may require some level of amputation [fingers? more?]. So keep praying.
New batteries

Cory traveled to Port-au-Prince on Thursday with the Munsell family and Gener.

They left here a few minutes after 6 a.m., and Cory/ Gener made it back just after 8 p.m.

Cory dropped off cases of Konsey books and purchased new batteries for our inverter system.

He also dropped off the Munsells at the Ortlip Center after they shopped in town so that they can return to LaGonave. They will continue to study Creole and start getting aquatinted with life on the campus and their new ministry roles. 

Very thankful to find batteries with a bit more capacity as we continue to share with the rest of campus when possible: clinic [especially important at night for emergencies or deliveries], school, pumping water to the cisterns, church, and guest house.

Cory checked on the newly planted peach palms on Friday; they continue to do well even in the areas flooded from recent heavy rains.

Anna worked hard this week in school, putting in extra hours in Chemistry and Psychology.

Old batteries
Thankful to 'chat' with Eli and my folks this morning.
Eli's spending the weekend with family and enjoyed a visit from Cory's folks this week.

Tonight we will turn our clocks back. 

November 1st and 2nd are holidays in Haiti: All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day. 

Tuesday the election results should be released indicating the 2-3 people who will enter the run-off election in Dec. Protesters burned tires in Port on Friday in support of their candidate and complaining of unfairness in the election procedures. Please pray for peace. 

This also means realistically that no work will be done in the government offices [including IBESR, children's services] early next week, but praying the situation remains calm, and they can be back to work on Wed.

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