Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This and that with an update from Haiti.

Another couple boxes of items to donate as we slowly work through the items in storage and our apartment. For those who don't know we live in the lower level of Kris's folks home while in the USA.

Cory called Haiti yesterday. Everything continues to go well except for no rain in the Port Margot area. Conferences going well with the young people's conference starting today.

On Monday morning, we thought Eli called but could only hear intermittent noises. He texted Monday night to say the phone called accidentally.

Yesterday morning he called to let us know he was learning and enjoying his time in Colorado. Nice to hear from Eli and know he's doing well.

During Monday's meeting with Tim we completed our required term-end debriefing. We continue to work on the checklist to return to Haiti for a new term.

This Sunday we will be heading to Tennessee with my family to make some good memories.

Enjoying library books, some TV, Christian radio but most of all just getting to visit and chat with family regularly.

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