Thursday, June 11, 2015

Experience Day 2. Last full day.

After trying some good Haitian hot chocolate with breakfast and some casava bread in addition to oatmeal, fruit and eggs the team, Cory and Anna headed across the river to visit the rental garden.

Eli and I continued to pack and finish up a few things in preparation for tomorrow's trip.

After lunch a bit of rest before the team visited the adult literacy program and then attended a fun Kid's Club event.

There was singing, games, special music and a great prayer with the children surrounding the team and Anna. They prayed especially for Eli's trip and starting college.

Remaining on the to-do list are a few items that need to happen tomorrow morning: washing as many loads of guest house towels and sheets as we can; cleaning and turning off our refrigerator and freezer; a big of house and guest house cleaning; and the final packing. 

We've enjoyed getting to know this Experience team. We will all travel to Cap Haitian together, late tomorrow morning in the big truck. 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Praying for your last night before your trip. Wow- I can't imagine what you are all feeling tonight. Praying!