Monday, May 4, 2015

Thankful for rain!

peanuts, better soil in front.
We enjoyed a quiet weekend, preparing our next newsletters to be sent tomorrow to our supporters via the mail plane and the E-mail version ready to go on Wednesday.

Eli and Anna continue winding down their school year and I finished up most of Eli's transcript and course descriptions. 

Sunday we enjoyed church with almost every pew full.

The users squeezed in 'just one more' in a few of the pews which makes for a hot service when sitting side to side.
Sunburned peanut field from drought

After a month without rain we enjoyed our first thunderstorm of the season.

During the storm we pray for the electric and isolate everything to protect the appliances and the inverter.

This morning the rain gauge showed that we received 5 inches. The dry ground soaked up most of the moisture with only a few small puddles on campus.

Corn with beans and peanuts
Cory visited the garden across the river and reports:

The local peanut crop in the sandy floodplain was stunted badly by the drought but almost all is still alive.

The higher ground clay-soil gardens looked good.

The rental garden with 70 peach palms

Young peach palms in full sun get rather yellow even when well watered.

We are glad we can stop the weekly irrigation for now.

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Missus Wookie said...

Thankful you've received rain and are able to stop the irrigation too. Clay soil is so familiar to me here in London - there is a reason London had a thriving brick making industry after all.