Thursday, April 30, 2015

Living in Anticipation

Six weeks and three days living waiting for the phone call...more than 15 months really, but will count from when we received the E-mail to be on stand-by waiting on the referral call.

I know I normally keep the adoption updates on our second blog, but the overlap into our daily lives remains huge!

Tomorrow we would need to be heading to the crèche for our two week visit to avoid needing to rearrange other ministry plans for our final weeks in Haiti before leaving mid-June for our USA trip.

Everyday while listening for that important phone call we fill the hours working to clear our schedule for a short-notice two-week trip.

I've not packed but do have a list ready. Writing it reminded me of when I compiled my evacuation packing list. Praise the Lord, Haiti's been stable enough that I do not have a current in-case-of evacuation list on this computer.

Eli and Anna are working hard to finish up their school year as much as possible.

Cory's printing out our Spring Newsletter and working on office tasks.

I continue to help with school, work on the Kid's Konsey and fill my time with other tasks.

The rough draft of our referral acceptance letter waits, ready to be printed once the blank spots are filled it with a NAME and information that we do not yet posses.

Laundry is being done daily incase we need to pack and go!

Thank you to those praying. Thank you for those reminding us that the Lord's timing will be best, He's in control. He has a plan.

My mind tries to guess the reasons for delay...perhaps the orphanage will need Creole speaking helpers in a couple of weeks, perhaps our next visitor is supposed to visit the orphanage, maybe we needed the motivation to get things done, maybe......

But I really do not want need to know. I can rest at the Lord's feet, confident that following Him in faith and obedience will lead to interesting, exciting places that draw me nearer to Him.  

Looking forward in EAGER anticipation on how the Lord will guide and direct our lives today, tomorrow and next 6 weeks.

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marcia said...

Waiting with you on pins and needles--excited anticipation!