Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday..the end of another week.

Friday morning. Last Friday we said good-bye to the family.

Only the Lord knows what this Friday will hold.

Eli and Anna continue to work toward the end of the school year. They are starting to complete some subjects with less than 20 days to go.

Rains reduced to just a couple of minutes of light sprinkles at night, a few nights this week, slowing down Cory's planting.

He did go visit a couple of potential gardens this week but neither really fix what he's looking for at this time.

School, office work, revising the Konsey children's book filled most of my time this week... along with praying for our referral.

I changed up the font on our adoption blog yesterday after learning some folks had trouble reading it. To visit click on the tab labeled 'Grafting Treasures' at the top of this page.

I also received a prayer request this week for a young lady received a heart transplant.

As our referral time neared and passed the 15-month mark, I continue to wonder, ponder how folks on a transplant waiting list manage the pressure.

My clock watching becomes more intense in the late afternoon when I know that business hours in the USA are drawing to a close for the day.

Weekends remain bittersweet knowing that we will not hear any news for a bit. How do people live with the knowledge that any moment, day or night, they may receive a life-altering phone call??

I've added them to my prayer list!

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