Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flower garden make-over

School. Taxes. E-mail update. Adoption update. Negotiations completed for the 'rehab' garden land rental.
Perspective a bit off...the sidewalk is fairly straight and you can see both ends in this picture. 
Lots of office type work this week but also some physical work.

Sorting through some of the house stuff, gifting to others from the bounty we have been blessed with recently.

Also started Eli sorting items that he wants in the USA vs. give away vs. storage.

One of my coping mechanisms when I cannot control life or it gets to the point that I feel overwhelmed is to organize and give away.

Makes me calmer and happy!

Guests coming next week so that helps to increase the motivation.

Another thing making my heart happy today is that Cory worked hard to redo our flowers/plants near the side walk.

Some of the plants will be moved and shared with other spots on campus.

Sure looks different than when we visited here 8 years ago in the spring!

Started to battle the last couple of years with a few of the aggressive plants who attempted to take over the area and were repressing the other plants.

For instance the blue flowers in the top picture:did move a few to a new area as Anna likes them.

They should fill in under the hibiscus in time.

Last week Cory traded for some new plants and flowers which raised the question of where we would be planting them.

So a major change for the side flower garden.

Will take a bit to fill in but the plants should be growing well before we leave for our trip to the USA.

While waiting for these pictures to load the list arrived from Global Partners of what we need to do during our time in the USA so that we can return to Haiti for another term.

Hard to believe that we moved to Haiti one week after Eli turned one and this year we will return after seeing him settled into college.

So a new to-do list [thankfully not real different than our last 'Partnership Development training.]

Think I need to go organize some more!

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Bethany Weathersby said...

Working in the yard and getting rid of stuff in our home are two of my favorite ways to deal with stress. :)