Monday, February 23, 2015

Carnival Report and Anna update

The sun shines brightly this morning and the campus once again rings with the sounds of school children.

Last week with Carnival, national mourning and rain they did not attend school.

Heard a great story from Carnival weekend this morning from a church lady who I think cooked for the youth's get-away weekend.

Most evangelical churches try to plan a weekend retreat for their young people to get them out of the cities and away from Carnival events.

Mme. "D" reported that 400 young people gathered for worship and praise and two people with Carnival masks came into the church [not sure if they were together or at different times.]

She noted how some of the young people ran out of fear and how thankful everyone was that in the end nothing violent occurred. A nurse unmasked one while a pastor did the second.

Everyone saw the face of the young man who the nurse unmasked and he reported how embarrassed he felt. But the bigger impact - as he looked around at the other young people he realized that he could fit in as part of this group.
He not only realized this, he made the life-changing choice to join and became a member of the Lord's family! The second masked person also accepted the Lord!

Praise the Lord. Please join us in prayer for these young Christians.

Mme. D also noted how after the Carnival electrocution accident and deaths in Port-au-Prince that the Lord allowed the President to totally shut down Carnival and she speculated that many lives were saved with that decision.

Carnival in Haiti tends to be an opportunity for folks to violently seek revenge on enemies.

Anna's road to recovery after last weeks GI issues and IV experienced a detour this week with a nasty looking infection on her arm and return of fevers. We celebrated her birthday in the middle of her health issues and thankfully she's feeling better today as she continues to treat her arm.

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Missus Wookie said...

So thankful Anna is feeling better and was able to celebrate her birthday.