Thursday, January 15, 2015

Marshmallow Mania by Anna

Greetings from Haiti!

Today the guys left at about 6:40, leaving us ladies our own devices. The cook received a day off, and we debated what to cook; eventually deciding upon egg casserole and experiment, home-made marshmallows.

We used the recipe from: Homemade Marshmallows - Thrive Connection. But before we could get down to cooking we had to do a few other things.

I personally did math for a hour or so; while grandma worked on her project, refurbishing the rocking chair back.

After working for some time we finally began the marshmallows. Our original plan, plan A, was to make one batch, but since we were talking about marshmallows I thought we ought to do two batches, plan B.

We started  by making one batch of peppermint marshmallows and then a batch of orange flavored marshmallows. We left them to dry,  as Grandma and Mom made egg casserole, while I returned to my math.

When the casserole finished cooking I decided that due to our humidity the marshmallows would not dry quickly, so to speed the drying I put them in the warm oven to dry during lunch/nap time, then left them to go and eat.

After we ate lunch I decided to check them before nap time and found that the outer layer had formed a crust on the outside! We took them out and left them to see if they would dry, even through the crust.

Following nap-time we began to cut them, and found them extremely sticky. We decided that we should cover some of the mint marshmallows with chocolate, plan C.

We melted some chocolate and attempted to dunk/coat them, however the hot chocolate melted them.

 The chocolate already melted, we decided to go to plan Delicious and make a layered desert, dubbed Improvised Marshmallow Treats.

To make I.M.T. layer chocolate, peppermint marshmallows, more chocolate, and crumbled pretzels on top. We coated the remaining  marshmallows with freshly grated coconut. The orange flavored ones remain for tomorrow's experimentation.


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