Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update and flowers

Not much news this week. So I'll share some tiny wildflower pictures from around our yard. Most are only a few millimeters across. Sadly I don't know names.

Anna took some days off to work on neglected subjects that lagged behind during the days she played volleyball every morning before school. Now with the local school in session volleyball only occurs in the afternoons or Saturdays.

We also enjoyed our time with visitors which cut into after supper 'homework time'.

Eli's working at his school work and enjoying reading some of the books he received for his birthday.

Cory's focused on the agricultural book and making good progress.

Mexican Heather
Besides school this week I've worked on some other paper work and enjoyed some of Eli's books so we can discuss them together.

By next week all of the Wesleyan missionaries should be back on LaGonave ready to celebrate the opening of the new nursing school on Wednesday, October 1st.

Choosing of the students occurring this week so please pray.

Not much news out of IBESR, keep praying. September Request here.These tiny flowers can be easily overlooked.

 Not real easy to even get a picture of as the camera wants to focus on the bigger background objects.

Trying to hold one's hand steady while pushing the camera button also adds to the challenge.

But once one starts to look you can find and appreciate the beauty and diversity of these tiny blossoms.

It reminds me how the Lord tells us he knows every hair on our heads.

The Creator God who shaped the countless galaxies also takes the time and thought to make these flowers unique.

They praise Him and point to Him!

They encourage me because I know He cares for every small detail of my life.

He cares for the small details that I cannot even comprehend.

As long as I can remember that it becomes easier to 'trust and obey'.

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