Monday, September 29, 2014

Internet issues.

Today with many people and countries using high-speed internet almost instant communication occurs around the world in seconds.

Having lived in Haiti as a child I remember the days when mail from the USA could take weeks and the mission compound phone system, when working, used the old crank phones.

Even when we moved to Haiti, 16 years ago E-mail on dial up remained slow and frustrating. We did not call it 'texting' but we did shorten words to make the system work better.

Friday night our internet service died. Cory thinks maybe the satelight changed? I'd heard from a friend on the same system in central America that the limited number of customers in that area caused the companey to reforus on North American and that we may be loosing our service.

NO matter the reason: its not working.

So Cory will be looking into a couple different options in the next few days. We borrowed a Natcom stick so we can check E-mails and do some on-line business.

Thankful to still have a connection to the outside world.

Guess this will help me in the area of patience. Been praying for more especially in regards to our stalled out adoption process.

This way is slower than before so will not even attempt any pictures until we firgure things out.

A nice family weekend, great worship at today.

If you should need to reach us in a

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marcia said...

Hugs and sympathizing with your internet blues. The Natcom stick isn;t a long term solution?? It works here--better than our connection in the states:-)