Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guavas and lilies

Yesterday morning and today the air almost vibrates with songs of birds, bugs and frogs. Yesterday we did receive a half-inch of rain so maybe more later with the singing frogs.

Heard last night that the LaGonave hospital move needed to be pushed back so our visitors may be coming on Monday if vehicle repairs happen today.

Enjoying and sharing guavas with friends this week. 

The smaller ones are regular pink seedlings from Florida. 

One turned out to be similar to 'Ruby Supreme', which is mild flavored, sweet and reported to be so big the fruit flies can't get into it as much as other varieties.

 The fruit flies/worms aren't bad so far this year so it may just be the year.

The big green guava is a seedling of 'Bankok Large'. 

It is huge and without the usual guava odor and flavor. 

It matures very slowly so the worms and bugs ruin them before they really ripen, but they are good at the mature green stage like a crunchy vegetable.

School, book editing and life continue as normal. 

Anna is feeling much better with only a slight cough remaining.

Hanging up clothes on the line yesterday I noticed that the giant spider lily bloomed.

 In past years, caterpillars damaged the plant so badly I did not get to enjoy the flowers.
 I only picked the blooms that had already opened so I can refresh the cup later. 

They produce a faint, sweet smell. 

For the flower lovers, it is a Crinum lily, sometimes called the purple spider lily.

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Edd Russell said...

The "Bangkok Large" type of guavas are about all we see here in Thailand. Quite boring, once you've had sweet ones. I suppose if we were meticulous we could have covered the blooms of the plant we had in our previous location to keep the worms out. Locals eat them green with a mixture that is roughly 1/3 salt, 1/3 sugar and 1/3 chili powder.