Monday, August 25, 2014

Dragon Fruit Flower

This weekend we enjoyed seeing our first, full sized, dragon fruit flower blossom.

They blossom at night and remain open until almost noon the next day.

Cory collected pollen for future flowers on the dragon fruit plants on the bread nut tree that flowered earlier this year but did not set fruit due to lack of pollination.

This type self pollinates so we will carefully watch for a fruit!

A cloudy day outside, as we work on the book editing and school work.

The Vermaires should be on the road heading our way with a Haitian driver, as the Irvines were unable to visit at this time.

We will use this occasion to send down some items we no longer need to share with the other missionaries as well as send some plants to our friends in St. Marc.

Tomorrow the Compassion folks should be coming to campus.

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