Saturday, May 31, 2014

UCNH Graduation

Friday was graduation day for the Christian University of North Haiti, near Limbe.

Andy, a member of our Fauche church and Agronomy student, and Dieucel, administrator at our Fauche school and Theology student, received their diplomas.

Cory drove our truck, full of their family and friends, to the Event.

The  amphitheater was packed but there was a place to squeeze in and the ceremony started shortly after the scheduled 9am.

 There were many speakers, formal greetings, songs, messages and prayers.

Some of the challenges and problems to be faced living in Haiti were reviewed, along with their potential to make progress.

At 1pm the graduation finished and there was time to talk, take photos, and some of the students had a classroom to provide refreshments for their guests. 

 We enjoyed cake with juice or pop.

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