Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Day in Costa Rica

Short update from Cory today. Tomorrow they should be leaving Costa Rica shortly after 8 a.m. With almost a 2 hour layover in Panama they should be getting into Port about 3:40 [Lord willing]

Cory will pick up the truck and they will drive to Tom's where Cory plans to overnight.

Tuesday morning Cory plans to meet up with a group that wanted to visit our place on their way to Cap Haitian. Will plan on serving them lunch on Tuesday.

Looking forward to Cory's return as I push during my last 2 weeks of study.

Eli and Anna took great care of me during Cory's absence.

Thanks for the prayers.

Back at the hotel. Great drive again, about 4 hours plus some stops, beautiful country. 

Got some more fruit at a huge fruit stand that tourist busses were stopping at. Will try to get Tom's photos onto my computer. Need to finish cleaning seeds first.

Miss you all. Wish you could all help us eat rambutan. Right up there with mango as a delicious, sweet fruit. 

Also glad I planted a sapote in our front yard. Very sweet like canistel, similar flavor but different and very good, not pasty, more like sapodilla.(laGonave front yard).


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