Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday in Costa Rica


The weather is great here. Breezy, often overcast, and at 2,000 feet is cooler than what we are used to in Haiti.

Saw smoke and steam at the top of the Turrialba volcano this morning. Most of the time the volcano is covered by clouds.

Bought a few sweet rolls from a vendor, shopped briefly at the CATIE visitor center to get chance in local currency and then went to the town farmer's market. Very clean, well presented produce.

Bought several pounds of peach palm and a 22 pound bunch of yellow peach palm. They have huge peach palm here compared to Santarem, Brazil when I lived there. Some of the fruit are medium apple size.

We also bought mango, guava, nance, tomarillo? avocado (zucchini shape with small seed and very good flavor) and local cheese.

After a brunch feast of fruits and cheese we headed to the botanical gardens until mid afternoon.

We went back into town after some much needed rain fell and found a small restaurant, good supper for just under $5.

Also went to the peach palm vendor to get the seed he prepared for us.

Tomorrow we plan to head to a botanical garden on the Caribbean coast.


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Betsy Cruz said...

How fun! I lived in Costa Rica two years and loved it. Is peach palm Pejivalle? I loved that too.