Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cory's Second Day Report

Cloudy day for our studies today but a bit over an hour of government power. Thankful that Cory can E-mail us with updates and advice about the electric!

Tour went well today, saw a lot of peach palms, thornless ones with good fruit. Don't have a lot of seed yet but we were introduced to a merchant who sells in Turrialba, has very good fruit and has a nursery so has seeds, will see him tonight, we are planning to eat out with a few Haitian students. 

One we met this morning is Wesleyan, Cite Chovel in Cap, working for Haitian Govt. 11 Haitian students total. Will offer them the peach palm fruit after we remove the seeds.

Worst drought here that people remember. A nany from Germany helped translate for Carlos, we toured the peach palms for a couple hours, learned about the best varieties and different types, including spineless. 

This afternoon I walked through more of the peach palm collections. Lots of variation in tree type, spinyness and fruit size. 

Saw one big snake (about 5') was keeping an eye out for them, with the drought and fairly recent mowing the grass of the collection fields wasn't bad to walk around in.

Took a short walk in the botanical gardens, lots of interesting plants and fruits and flowers there. 

Lots of big black sapote trees here, looks like the fruiting season lasts several months at least.


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