Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warsaw Team Arrives!

We've made it to Haiti! What a trip we've had so far and we've only been here in the country for 7 hours. Our flight was a little longer than anticipated, 4 hours! It was a smooth flight (for some people), however, was just long. I think we all experienced something new…the captain said a prayer for our flight before take off! This has already been such an eye opening experiencing already and am personally feeling a little overwhelmed! But it's a good overwhelmed!

Long long long long, did I say long?, story short, we have made it safe to the compound in Fauche!  We are about to eat, and it looks good, so I'm going to participate :-) Stay tuned, more will be posted frequently! 

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Roberta Williams said...

We are praying for the team. Tell Lindsay we send our love.