Friday, March 14, 2014

Cory's update and plants.



Team preparation, as Warsaw's 10th team comes on Tuesday.

Eli and Kris with colds.

Anna and I praying not to get them.

Still no return of Hershey, Anna's dog.

Tickets bought for my Costa Rica trip, April 1-7, returning home from Port au Prince on the 8th.

Enjoyed sharing trees and plants with Cowman International school on Wednesday.

We planted fruits around the edges of the school property or in the


Jelly, Peach, and Asai palms, breadfruit, egg fruit, miracle fruit, black sapote, mulberry, Amazon tree grape, dragon fruit, peanut butter fruit, lemon drop mangosteen, starfruit, Malay apple, vanilla orchid, sapodilla, rollinia sugar apple, banana and bamboo.

Starting to rain! Hope it keeps up as we remain dry.

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