Friday, March 21, 2014

Team's Friday

Bon Swa!!

The team has had a busy day that included two sessions of Bible School, one here on the compound and another this afternoon in Port Margot.

 It is so amazing to hear the voices of the Haitian children singing praises to Jesus Christ our King.

I was especially moved when they knew the words, in both Haitian and English, to Amazing Grace. Interacting with the children has been one of our biggest  blessing.

Word got out that the Americans loved to buy souvenirs and so several more vendors came to the compound and we happily visited them. We are anxious to share our spoils with friends and family.

The most moving part of the day was the prayer walk this morning.

We had the honor of visiting with people in their homes, listening to their concerns and needs, and then joining our hearts and hands in prayer.

Many team members were moved to tears at the sharp contrast of how very grateful the people are for God's provision and their very few possessions.

It was such a good lesson for us on what our priorities should be.

We focus so much on our things. We spend our time working to buy them and then  in using them.

We often don't include time to build our relationship with Jesus.

Here the people know that the most important possession is our salvation.

We continue to look forward to each new day and what God will reveal to us.

We miss our families and pray for them daily.

We are preparing for our evening meal.

The cooks have done a wonderful job of preparing delicious food for us.

We will leave you for now but touch base aging tomorrow.

God's Best!!! Kris

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