Sunday, March 23, 2014

Team Saturday

[Internet would not let us post this last night…sorry for the delay]

Hi All!

We had a few inches of rain during the night.

Some had a difficult time sleeping, while others slept like a rock!

 Because of the rain we could not go to the beach today. We are hoping to go sometime next week.

 After breakfast we broke up into three groups.

Cathy, Don, Lindsay, Scot and Stacy helped Cory pot some Starfruit trees.

Britney, Janet, Kris, and Pastor J painted some church pews. Kristi, Kimberly and Peggy swept and cleaned the church with Lots of help.

 Let's just say the kids used a whole bottle of soap!

Lunch was delicious as usual.

We had chicken pot pie, coleslaw, creamed eggs and bread.

Finished with some fresh baked oatmeal cookies.

After lunch most of us took a much needed nap time!

The heat is starting to really make us tired and wiped out.

   Thanks to Scot for fixing the second truck, we piled into two vehicles and headed to Port Margot for Kids club.

Had a great time there!

We all love to hear the children sing!!

Each time it still touches our hearts, they sing so beautiful, like little Angels!

After a short rest we headed up for another delicious meal which consisted of spaghetti and sauce, fried bread fruit, coleslaw and biscuits.

Dessert was banana cream pie and coconut custard.

Finishing the evening with devotions and God moments.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

We are praying for everyone back home.

Prayers for Pastor Anthony for his preaching tomorrow.
               Much love, Peggy and Kimberly :)

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Kathy Goble said...

I knew heat would be an issue for some. Continuing to pray for you all!