Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Team's first day

Bonswa friends & family!

We hope you are enjoying the cold weather while we are here in the 90 degree perfect sunny weather!

The team is doing great! We are healthy (despite a few headaches) and safe, and the Lord is blessing this trip more than I could have imagined.

 This morning after breakfast we went to a local bakery which was about a 15 minute drive away from the compound.

 and Anna gave us a tour of the bakery.  It was incredible to see them making fresh baked bread in an oven that was about 15x20 foot even in the heat.

After the bakery, we walked to the market. We were met with children who had just finished school, of course taking our hands and walking along side us!

What an experience the market was! People everywhere, and very hot even in the morning!

After lunch, which consisted of sweet potato fries, rice & beans with a vegetable gravy (yum)!

Cory gave us a tour of the grounds garden. It was great to see all the different exotic trees that grow in this beautiful country created by our maker!!

We spent most of the afternoon playing outside with lots and lots of kids! We broke out the sidewalk chalk, which they used all of! Lindsay brought out the soccer ball and we played some soccer…or futball for quite a while. The kids love jump rope too, and listening to my iPod :-)

I truly believe the Lord is working in our team and in each and every one of our lives more specifically. He has called us each individually to go on this trip and I know there is a reason all 12 of us are here, together.  This country is beautiful with beautiful people!

The Awana Grand Prix Derby at WWC is tonight and we have all been thinking about the racers and hope that a great time is had by all! :-)

We just finished with dinner and are doing devotions soon! Everyone says hello to their families back home and we will keep this blog updated daily with our experiences! We start VBS tomorrow and are looking very forward to spreading the gospel to these precious little children of God!

-Stacy Engle


Kathy Sand said...
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Kathy Sand said...

Sounds like you all are blessed beyond what you've thought possible! It's awesome that God has placed all of you together on thi trip! I hope each if you are writing your daily experiences in a journal. Because I am looking forward to every detail of how God has blessed your journey.

Mrs. Hall's Classroom Writers said...

Love the updates! Keep them coming! The Halls send our love and many, many, many prayers!